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Nobuyoshi Nagai.png

Noboyoshi Nagai

Tohoku Chuo Church

Holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games during the COVID pandemic is a challenge that no other country has faced. Ten years ago, at the time of the Tohoku triple disaster, much prayer and support was offered for Japan from around the world.


This summer, please once more remember Japan in your prayers. I wholeheartedly endorse this movement for us to live out God’s word, “I urge then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority” (1 Timothy 2:1), and to pray not just for the organizers of the Games, but for the athletes taking part, and for all those living in Japan.

Yoshiya Hari.png

Yoshiya Hari

Asian Access Japan,
National Director

It has been decided that the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held without spectators. Many people will be watching the Games on their TV, supporting their home nation. It is really not often we get such a chance to cheer on Japan every day as we go about our daily lives. However, Christians around the world are standing up – not to cheer on the athletes from their countries – but to support Japan through “1 Million Hours of Prayer.”


This seems to be a movement of God to use the opportunity of the Olympics to focus the eyes of the worldwide church on Japan. And shall we not also join hands with them in prayer?

Shigenori Oshima.png

Shigenori Oshima

Hatogaya Evangelical Free Church

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are in confusion. That is enough reason for prayer. I am concerned for the motivation of the athletes as they compete without spectators. I want to pray with all my heart. For the athletes, for the staff, for those involved in the Games to be protected from infection, and for the virus not to spread. Will 1 million hours of prayer be enough?


There will be a Christian chapel in the athletes’ village, where videos of gospel messages will be shown. I want them to be watched by as many athletes as possible. And I want them to know that Christians are committed to praying for them for 1 million hours. And more than anything I want us to enjoy the sports on display. As we watch God’s gift of athletic performance, may the mood of gloom and doom will be blown away.

Paul Yokota.png

Paul Yokota

Jesus Christ Church in Japan Fukuoka Church

I endorse “1 Million Hours of Prayer!” There are many opinions about holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games during the COVID pandemic, but “1 Million Hours of Prayer” for the Olympic and Paralympic Games can unite the worldwide church and the church of Japan in an unprecedented way.


Like the vision of dry bones described in Ezekiel chapter 37, the church uniting through this movement of prayer is preparation for the great revival that we have thirsted after for so many years. When we come together in prayer, the breath of the Holy Spirit fills us; people and churches experience spiritual awakening; and we rise up as God’s mighty army. “1 Million Hours of Prayer.” I too want to take part in this astounding act of God. So as this nation is filled with prayer, let us also pray!

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